Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Ramadhan to all...

salamullahi 'alaikum wabarakatuhu,

bismillahi walhamdulillahi 'alaa rasulillah,

O Allah!
on this day make our fasts the fasts of those who fast (sincerely),
and our standing up in prayer of those who stand up in prayer (obediently) ,
awaken us in it from the sleep of the heedless, and forgive us our sins ,
O God of the worlds, and forgive us, O one who forgives the sinners.

O Allah!
on this day,
take us closer towards Your pleasure,
keep us away from Your anger and punishment,
grant us the opportunity to recite Your verses (of the Qur'an),
by Your mercy,O the most Merciful.

O Allah!
on this day, grant us wisdom and awareness,
keep us away from foolishness and pretension,
grant us a share in every blessing You send down,
by You generosity, O the most Generous.

O Allah!
we beg from You.
Please let us see the light as light, and the darkness as darkness.
Let not our hearts deviate Now after Thou hast guided us,
But grant us mercy From Thine own Presence;
For Thou art the Grantor Of bounties without measure.
Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes,
and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous.

O Allah!
Bestow on us mercy from Your presence
and dispose of our affairs for us in the right way
cover (us) with Thy Forgiveness
me, my parents, and (all) Believers,
on the Day that the Reckoning will be established!

O Allah!
Grant us good in this world
and good in the life to come
and keep us safe from the torment of the Fire

O Allah!
Bless our beloved prophet Muhammad sallalahu 'alaihi wassalam
and his family and shower them with peace.

Praise be to Allah,
for truly our Lord is He, the Hearer of Prayer!

Amin ya Rabbal Alamin.

ps : let the picture speaks on behalf of me ;-)
happy ramadhan to all muslims araound the world anyways ;-)
and let the 'ibadaa fest begin...

from : syed bashir ahmad and all his companions to Jannat inshaAllah ameen :)

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