Saturday, February 14, 2009

Story Of Love...

Bismillahi walhamdulillahi 'alaa rasulillah,
First of all, it is by His will i write this story of love on Valentine's Day..i didn't celebrate that kind of day(and as Muslim, we shouldn't), but it is just something i would like to share because this is amongst the best love story ever, wallahi :)

Hazrat Huzaifah reported:
"Many Muslims were martyred in the Battle of Yarmouk. I was seeking to give water to my cousin in the battle field. When I found him, I gave him water to drink. Just at that time, a man by his side raised a cry - water...water. My cousin told me to give water first to that man. When I came to him with water, I recognised him and he was Hisham ibn A's. I said : I am giving you water. Just at that time, another man was crying : Water...water, Hisham then give signal that he should first be given water. Before I came to him with water, he breathed his last. Then I came to Hisham with water only to find that he also had expired. Then I came to my cousin with water only to find that he also had expired."

Now look at ourself. Is that how we treat our brothers/sisters in Islam? prioritize them more than ourself? That story of the matyrs of Battle of Yarmouk, I see as true love fillah. :)

Just something to ponder, from Suratu 'Imran verse 92 :

"By no means shall you attain Al-Birr (piety - righteousness --here it means Allah's reward, i.e Paradise),
unless you spend (in Allah's cause) of that which you love, and whatever of good you spend, Allah knows it well"

ps : i did not remember who narrate this story. anyone? :)


inas said...

i found this blog has so wonderful entries. i enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

akak, x update ke..? ;)
saye selalu menceduk ilmu dari blog2 kerana banyak perkara islami yang saye belum tahu lagi ataupun perlu study semula..

semoga Allah menyenangkan tugas harian akak dan menyenangkan akak untuk beribadat kepadaNya,amin.

-nurul dahiyah abdul kader-

salam persahabatan~

Ummu Abrisam said...

Salam Zaiti...apa kabar..lamak sik dengar berita...

The Mindtripper said...

thanks all. since i moved, internet has always been such a big problem..i mean duk kat remote area tengah gurun..jangan kata internet, bawang besar pon payah nak carik kat sopermarket, haha..but inshAllah dalam usaha nak pasang line lah ni..(tengah merayu encik suami)..hehe..doakan lah agar semuanya dipermudahkan ya..dahiyah..lamanya tak dengar convey my salaam to all sisters yg ke bintulu hari tu yer..