Monday, February 15, 2010

Ya Allah, bless my mom...

Bismillahi walhamdulillahi 'alaa rasulillah...

Ya Allah,
bless my mom for always be so forgiving
even when I make mistakes,
she continues to give from what she has
and she always wants the best for me.
She sacrificed a lot
to give us food, shelter, and clothing,
and always sticking by us
even thogh we gave her a hard time
and its not easy raising children as a single parent.

Ya Allah,
bless my mom because she makes duaa for me
even if she is upset
knowing that her duaa will be answered.
(my siblings and I are given blessings from Him because of the duaa of our parents.).
she cares for me more than I care for myself,
and she does dua for me more than I do for myself.

Ya Allah,
bless my mom because she's always there for me,
whenever I upset her she forgives me
and never mentions it ever again.
she does so much and at the end of the day
she does not complain
which is true blessing from Allah.
she loves me unconditionally,
and she always cheers me up,
and taught me never to give up from an early age.

Ya Allah,
bless my mom for putting up with my behavior,
and the times I made her worry,
she taught me how to be tough,
and then how to be gentle at the same time,
because only mothers know how to do that well,
and she teaches by practice not by preaching,
and for supporting me in all trials and tribulations

Ya Allah,
bless my mom because of her soft heart.
she has been through many great fitnahs
and she still holds on to islam with strength and great patience.
She raised, taught and still gave me knowledge
even with all the fitnahs and difficulties in her life.

Ya Allah,
bless my mom for being generous to others,
and always tried to do the right thing,
she always wants the best for everyone,
she gave us the best she had,
she always thinks good of others,
she always loved her children and showed it,
and she is one of the reasons I aim so high

Ya Allah,
bless my mom because being a mother is the scariest job in the world
and I think she did pretty well with Your help, alhamdulillah.
and bless her because she married me to the most amazing man whom keep me safe(and still) in my deen, alhamdulillah:)

Ya Allah,
bless my mom because she loves You
and raised us to love You.
all praise due to You because she is the mother you chose for me
and please make it easy for me
to be as wonderful a mother as she is someday.

ps : May Allah SWT grant our mothers the highest Jannat and forgive us when we neglect them, ameen thumma ameen...


On the authority of Abu Hurairah RA, who said, the Messenger of Allah (salallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "A man will be raised some degrees in Paradise and he will say, 'For what reason am I receiving this?' He will be told, 'Because of your son asking forgiveness for you'"


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