Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Proposal

I once had a vivid dream of finding a spouse,
We had many children and a perfect Islamic house.
I dreamt and prayed and made dua every day,
I made dua' until i didn't know what was left to say.

This dream I thought could not have ended there,
To search for this dream I had to search everywhere.
I searched until I thought it was all in vain,
But was my search truly done in Allah's name?

Then one day in a way that no one could suspect,
My dream came to my door in a way most direct.
I was drawn to them in a way that can not be described,
Every time I heard more I found my love intensified.

I thought to myself, is this what is best or not?
This I could never answer no matter how much I thought.
Until I remembered the only One who would know,
I turned in prayer, opened my heart and let my tears go.

I sought my answer from Him in the middle of the night,
For no human could have ever rescued me from my plight.
Now my answer laid there for me in plain sight,
I had no question or doubt if the answer was right.

With pure tawakkul in Allah and I turned and said,
With you I wish to be until the day I meet my deathbed.

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Al-Muhandisah said...

Kak Zaiti, tahniah!!! Kak Zaiti apa khabar baru blk dr hospital kan? Maaflah masa tu saya day shift and night shift... skrg ni kak zaiti kat mana? kat hospital ke kat rumah? Saya doakan kesihatan kak zaiti...