Wednesday, July 2, 2008

something to ponder :)

a deep stare into the flame of the burning fuse of a firecracker triggered my imagination around the word "spark": spontaneous, fiery, wild and unpretentious events of our lives. the whole chemical reaction, triggered by a single heat source will eventually produce colorful lights, that brighten even the loneliest nights.

"a journey begins with a single step.." ...a deeper look into this words of wisdom left us with the question of "how to begin a journey", eventually. should we plan the journey? or should we just follow where our heart leads us ? to me, a journey will only be meaningful if you touched, smelled, smiled, laughed, cried, and think along the way. to me, in order to enjoy this, i should let myself go, and savor the moment along the journey. nothing should be pre-planned.

just like the sparks from the burning firecracker, a spontaneous self will bring about the true you, that will mature as you age. you will make mistakes, of course, but you shall learn from them. further, random sparks tends to shine brighter than candles, right? :)

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