Monday, July 14, 2008

About Du'aa

There are people whose du'a is always answered. They are:
  1. The oppressed
  2. Parents
  3. Travellers -bashir, you are in this category everyday!
  4. The sick

Du'a can be answered in three ways. They are:
  1. We receive what we prayed for.
  2. We don't recieve what we prayed for because it is not in our destiny and Allah knows better - the duah goes up to Allah and 'intercepts' and 'nullifies' a qadr of Allah on it's way down; something such as a trial or an affliction. So instead of your duah being answered, it has instead nullified or stopped an affliction that was destined for you and Allahu Alim.
  3. Our du'a is answered in Jannah. Moreover, we are going to wish that everything we prayed could be answered in Jannah because it is going to be infiniti times better there!

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