Saturday, May 3, 2008

Last Breath…


When the angel of death came to Ibrahim AS, and said, “I’ve been ordered to take your soul.” Ibrahim AS responded and said, “Can you say to Allah ‘how can The Khalil take the soul of His khalil?’” Then Allah SWT ordered to the angel of death, “Tell Ibrahim:
‘how can the friend not want to meet his Friend?’”
[Imam Suhaib Webb - Qiyam: Reflections on the Afterlife]

I felt the serenity
Of sincere submission

As Maghrib Solaah dawned
And I bowed peacefully
In prostration…

Tears rolled down my face

Du’aas poured

From the depth of my soul
As I prayed upon him
Allah’s Forgiveness
Didnt expect that day and moment
Could be his last…

And my heart began to weep
As with each second
I can barely felt his draw closer

To his last breath...

I rose to pray Tasyahhud
And felt the overwhelming outcry

As hearts began to sink

For a moment
The world had frozen…

I gently turned my head

Praying Salaam upon the angels
On my either side
I heard a whisper…
‘Come now, say Allahafiz…’

And my heart sank

To a depth
I could never imagine

Yet peace

Embraced my soul

As I witnessed the peace on his face

In which he lay…

I cried

As I leaned forward
And kissed him on his forehead

I wept

As I held his cold hand
And wished I could see him smile

Just one more time
I prayed ...

As I stood straight

And hoped ‘La Ilaaha Ill Allah…’
Were his last words…

And once again,

My mind was at ease
Peace embraced my heart

And I whispered…
‘Inna lillahi…
Wa inna ilayhi Raaji’un’…

For sure,
When from Him we come

Indeed to Him
We must return…
And I smiled

As I remember his most sweet words

Before he went off to work that day

‘Worry not,my dear..we’ll meet again…SOON..inshaAllah..’

Feeling assured

My heart testified

‘I await that moment Baba…

When one more time

I find myself in your embrace,
In the everlasting abode of Paradise…’

And with a heart crying

With every moment of his remembrance
And each tear
Having a memory to narrate
And a story to tell…

To Allah’s Most Merciful Graceful Embrace...

I bid my father farewell…

In loving memory of…
Al-Marhoom Hamdan ibn Salleh
(our beloved Baba..)

19th November 1955 - 6th May 2002

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MUHAZZAB said...

Dearest Nur,

May Allah elevate the position of Baba in jannah. Certainly as a pious and righteous daughter of him, you are the biggest Saddaqah Jaariyah for him. Secondly anyone killed defending himself or a Muslim is a Shaheed.