Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blessed be the children

If you wish to become a saint, change your character into the character of children. Children have 5 qualities, and if adults had these same qualities, they would attain the rank of saints :

1. they do not worry about their daily bread

2. when they fall sick, they do not complain night and day about their misfortune

3. whatever food they have, they share - lovely!

4. when they fight or quarrel, they do not keep grudges in their hearts, but make up quickly ;-)

5. the slightest threat makes them frightened and brings tears to their eyes.

[ Imam al-Ghazali ]

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misoshiru2312 said...

salam kak zaiti..

ingt saya lagi..yg pegi jaulah ke bintulu hari tu..saya rahmah, bdak sabah..

slamat berpuasa, jgn lupa kat kami ye..

bila nak ke oman??