Monday, September 29, 2008

Farewell oh Ramadaan

bismillahi walhamdulillahi 'alaa rasulillah...

" Departure now presents itself
My eyes are both filed up with tears
My heart within me cries out aloud
O' devoted month farewell, farewell.

If life remains we'll meet again
Or otherwise a sad regret
Alas From us taken leave
O' glorious month farewell, farewell

I could not do much of good deeds -

Now I am only offering few tears of sadness
Only this much is my whole asset -
farewell O' Ramadaan farewell O' Ramadaan.."

So ramadhan is about to end. How much did you take benefit of this month of mercy? Yeah, we all need to reflect on that. Personally, I am sad. I could have spent more time in devotion. Who knows if I am gona be alive to see this month again!

We bid farewell to the month of good manners, farewell to the month of generosity, farewell to the month of mercy.The masjid was full of worshipers at every solah, all standing together and bowing down to the Greatest Lord , with humility and devotion, with fear and hope, with prayers and thankfulness.

It had become easy to do good, had become easy to wake up early and stay awake late standing before Allah, with tears in our eyes seeking His mercy and forgiveness and such a blessed month is leaving us, will I be alive to witness another ramadhan ? or will this be my last ramadhan and no more ? did i make the most of this month ? some questions really arising in my mind as this month is fading away with the crescent moon of Shawal shining bright in the night sky in the company of the innumerable twinkling stars, I feel the warmth of Allah's mercy around me. I wish I had the taufeeq to make the most of this month, and wish I was successful in seeking Allah's mercy and blessings and wish my body is programmed enough to keep this eiman and spirit alive till the coming of next ramadhan so that I may increase further my eiman and learn to love Allah more and fear Him more and obey Him more, ameen.

Lets make a pledge that we will stive hard to keep this spirit of ramadhan alive in our lives in all the coming months, because we are Muslims throughout the year and not only in ramadhan. What is good in ramadhan is also good and compulsary in other months for a Muslim, like solah, charity, honesty, humility and the spirit of sharing. May Allah help us realize this eternal truth and lead us on the path of those who receive His blessings and Mercy and save us from the path of those who deserve His wrath and punishment, ameen..

I wish all the Muslims all around the world a very blessed Eid. Please do not forget our brothers and sisters who are facing oppression from the kafr oppressors even in this month, our brothers and sisters who are not fortunate enough to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Please remember our brothers and sisters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine, Philippines, Kosovo, etc, please make dua to Allah for them and their families and dua is the least thing we can do to help them, and after dua if you are in a position to help them, please do it in the name of Allah, May Allah reward you for all the goodness you bring to the world.

goodbye ramadhan, may we meet again, insyaAllah..

TaqabbAllahu minni wa minkum wa astaghfiruAllah..

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