Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Du'aa of Light

Bismillahi walhamdulillahi ‘alaa rasulillah,

Ibn ‘Abbas RA reports that he once stayed the night as a guest of Maymuna RA, who was his aunt, and the Prophet sallalahu ‘alaihi wassalam. They slept on their blanket lengthways, and he slept at the end, crossways. After they had all slept for a while, the Prophet sallalahu ‘alaihi wassalam rose in the middle of the night to pray the tahajjud prayer, and Ibn ‘Abbas RA joined him.

They both did wudu’, and he prayed eleven rak'aats with the Prophet salllalahu ‘alaihi wassalam. Then they both went back to sleep again until dawn.

Bilal RA called the adhan and the Prophet sallalahu ‘alaihi wassalam did another two short rak’aAts, before going into the mosque to lead the dawn prayer.

Ibn ‘Abbas RA said that one of the du’aa that the Prophet sallalahu ‘alaihi wassalam made during this night was:

“O Allah, place light in my heart, light in my tongue, light in my hearing, light in my sight, light behind me, light in front of me, light on my right, light on my left, light above me and light below me; place light in my sinew, in my flesh, in my blood, in my
hair and in my skin; place light in my soul and make light abundant for me; make me light and grant me light.”

[narrated by Bukhary and Muslim – saheeh]

ps : i really adore Syeikh Mishary Rashid Al Affassy's recitation..hah..have to learn how to recite like him then!


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