Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Holy Book - It's All For Us!

Bismillahi walhamdulilahi 'alaa rasulillah,

When we read the Quran, cultivate the mentality that every single surah, verse, aayah, and letter was revealed for us, personally.

Verse addressed to Banu Israeel (Jews)? Maybe Ahlil Kitaab (people of the book)? Or maybe An-Naas (humankind)? Or even the obvious, to those who believed? Yes, it addresses them, but it also addresses us. Learn from their past, their triumphs and their defeats, their actions and their mistakes, their joys and their pains.

And remember, there is nothing without purpose in the Quran if we don't feel like we benefit from any of it, grab a volume of tafseer (maybe Fii Ziilalil Quran?) and read up on the meanings.

May Allah cultivate in our hearts a love of this great and fundamental basis of our deen, ameen!

ps : i am working on "Aayaatu As-Sabr" in Quran" - my other half think it will be useful for a lecture on Sabr and for those who are in need of Sabr. Truly, Quran makes everything easier when life gets hard..;)

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