Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Need A Quiet Day In Life

(wherever you go and find darkness in your life : what you have to do is to light the lamp within yourself..)

Passing through the busy streets that never sleeps
I started to question my existence and lead
For the first time I question everything
I cursed at the force that's barely unseen
The unfair force that arrange and laugh
Creates winding road that's tough
All I need is not anger
Cause I need a quiet time to gather
Pieces of puzzles that I never bother
To solve all my life
Maybe I'm too busy
Predicting future with visions that are blurry
Truly, I need moments of solidarity
So I can pursue a triumphant
Future for eternity..

"O Allah!
Please do not leave us to ourselves,
not even for a blink of an eye,
nor for a period lesser than that.
O The One Who is Best in Answering."


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